Making art together.

Why would an artist bother to gather up their tools, trek down to Art and Soul at Spiceland Mall, and spend a couple hours drawing or painting?

This is what I think.  I think that combining the creative energy of artists creates a buzz not found in the studio alone.  I find that it takes some guts to work with artists looking over your shoulder, and a stream of passers by nodding approval (or not).  Guts are good.  I think that when you pick up a tool you are not familiar with, or that you have not used in a long time, it creates a type of anxious excitement  that  transfers to the work.  Sometimes you make a mess.  I think that is good.  If you never make a mess, it means that you are always “staying safe” with your known technique.  A mess can lead you in the right direction.

Most impotant, by the end of the session


, everyone there had a particular expression that you can see on Josh St. Louis’ face here.

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