Asher Mains and “Sea Lungs” on the go.

Susan Mains Gallery will feature the work of Asher Mains at the Rhy Art Fair in Basel, Switzerland June 16-19.  Watch this video of Asher talking about “Sea Lungs”  the work shown in the Trio Bienal in Rio di Janeiro Brazil in 2105.  This is the work that will be featured at the fair.

Asher Mains

Susan Mains Gallery travels to Switzerland

RHY ART FAIR is a young international contemporary art fair, developing the artist-to-public relationship during the great art week in Basel. RHY ART presents from 16 to 19 June 2016 works of newcomers and established artists: paintings, sculptures, art photography, digital art, and much more in the Rhypark Hall Basel. In June 2016, Rhypark Basel…


Grenada Chocolate Fest Art Exhibit

In a word, the work that Grenada’s artist brought for the Grenada Chocolate Festival exhibit was delicious.  Much like chocolate itself, it was complex, sweet, dark, grounded in Grenada, and totally alluring .  From Rene Froelich’s sculpture of a woman stepping out of a cocoa pod, to the figurative paintings of Michael Paryag portraying Grenada…

Detail 2 chocolate show

Grenada Chocolate Festival Art Exhibit

  If its nice, do it twice!  Actually this is the third time.  Multiples.  Art and Chocolate.  Paintings, Sculpture, Video–Grenada’s artists using all of the creative force to express this powerful component of our culture.  Don’t Miss it!  Tuesday, 17th May 5:30 pm at Susan Mains Gallery at Spiceland Mall.  See you there with smiles!…