United States at the Venice Biennale

Asher Mains’ thots on the United States representation at the Venice Biennale

Asher Mains: Process

I picked up a few Art Journals at the bookstore today; Art Forum, Art in America and Frieze. The content is good, it includes an elegant discussion of totalizing systems by Camille Henrot and an interview with the US representative to the 55th Venice Biennale, Susan Sze. Having been to the Biennale, and having walked through the Sze exhibit – the work would have had at least more of a leg to stand on if it included even a percentage of what was included in the interview. The interview contained a lot of art-speak about the between-ness of experience, process, the nature of memory and interpretation of the world – all fair game in art world vernacular. The explanatory information at La Biennale? “This exhibit has been made possible by the generous support of the following…” Not all of the country exhibits had extremely well written introduction/explanations to…

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