Free 3-day portrait workshop

IMG_5204SAM_2191 Asher Mains will be doing a free portrait workshop at Spiceland Mall as he finishes the 8th portrait in his cocoa farmer series. Come and work with other artists/hobbyists/students and others as he shows you his process from start to finish and helps you do your own portraits in oil or acrylic. Donations are welcome but otherwise just come with your own supplies and photo or person you want to paint from! We have some supplies at the gallery for sale but if you have your own, bring them! You will need: – Stretched (primed) Canvas – Drawing tools – pencils or charcoal – a ruler – Brushes (mix of small and big, flat and round) – A paint thinner (odorless preferred) – linseed oil – Paint! (Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber) other colours optional

We can work around it if you don’t have one or two of these things but having everything will set you up for success. (If painting with acrylic you will not need oil or thinner) The workshop is 3 days to account for people working in oil and in layers. The first day will be the drawing/grisaille, a layer of colour on the second day and final layer of colour with touch ups on the 3rd day. It will be studio style so everyone will work independently with tips and suggestions along the way. See the Facebook event page here:

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