Recent work with material experiments

Asher Mains, one of our leading gallery artists. He has represented Grenada la Biennale di Venezia in Italy and Trio Bienal in Rio di Janeiro Brazil in 2015.

Asher Mains: Process

These are pieces I showed in Barbados in a show that opened in January. Many of the pieces have an ink that I made with material from the land I live on. A couple of the pieces have a wash of rum infused with cocoa. Overall, my overriding principle is that the work I make should reflect that I am working from a specific place, in a specific time in history, amongst certain people. The materials are deeply personal but also have a democratic quality as I am interested in expanding the arsenal of materials that we use for art in Grenada.

One of the major blocks for me is the use of canvas in my work as it is traditionally what is used for paintings in western traditions. It is durable and easy to transport. The reality of working with canvas in the Caribbean though is that it costs…

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