Susan Mains Gallery off to Colombia for Art Fair Medellin.

Art Medellin

September 16 – 19 will see Susan Mains Gallery off into the world of art on the South American continent.  From a small island to our big neighbor, art will once again play the role of Ambassador to share the culture of Grenada with the world.

The city of Medellin in Colombia is flooded with artistic expressions for three days with the second version of the Art Fair Medellin, a proposal that aims to create spaces for cultural and commercial exchange .

This exhibition, September 16 – 19 at the Plaza Mayor , will involve nine galleries , eight collectives and around 102 national and international artists .

“Attendees will appreciate classic, traditional, modern and postmodern art . A variety of new proposals and works made with known techniques and new trends , “said Walter Correa, curator of Art Medellin.

Medellin has positioned itself as a city of art, leaving behind the dark days of being known as the center of illegal activity.


Susan Mains, owner of the gallery and an artist, says “This is a valuable opportunity to share Grenada and its art with Colombia and South America.  Our own Minister of Tourism, The Honourable Clarice Modeste, recently expressed how important it is for Grenada to reach out to South America to draw in visitors.  What better way to woo them than with art.”

An art fair is a commercial venture, so it is hoped that the artists will all have good sales of their work and begin to establish a South American collector base.

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