Susan Mains Caribbean Dancing Girls

 This is really a study for a larger series of dancing paintings.  24″ x 30″ in acrylic.

Went to the Grenada National Museum on a Friday night and saw these girls dancing, and drummers with some traditional African rhythms.  So the first girl to the left says, “I’m so cute”, and the next one replies, “Me too!”  The third flings a hand in the air because “she just don’t care”.  Number four is thinking, “I am am so bored, I don’t know why my mother makes me do this.”  And her mother directly behind her says “DANCE GIRL”  Whenever I see this kind of dancing I think of the ancestors, represented by the two short old ladies at the back, who dance like no one is watching.

   So another study in acrylic, a diptych this time.  20″ x 32″.  The “bele” is based on a West African fertility dance.  Of course with the synthesis that is the Caribbean, what were once fierce back and forth tugs on the skirts to make them fly, have now become almost a gentle sway.  Nonetheless, the skirts seem to take on a life of their own as the dancers twirl.   I was thinking that if this painting were hung upside down, it would look like a bouquet of red flowers.

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