Wondering? Here is the scoop.

Art House 473 opens in Grenada–a centre for art.


Yes it was BIG!

Group show of large scale work at Susan Mains Gallery

Amy Cannestra’s closer look.

The lively and appreciative crowd who came for the opening  of Amy Cannestra‘s “Horizon”  Friday evening was intrigued by art that demands a closer look. Entering the gallery on the far wall is a line of objects—upon closer inspection, conch shell shards.  The shiny metallic bases appear to be aligned so that there is a…

Horizon: Amy Cannestra

The measure of an artist residency cannot be made in dollars.  It is the invaluable input into the life of an artist  of an experience that is totally outside of their own frame of reference.  The value to Grenada is being able to see the work of a world-class artist right here.  It inspires and…

A little sojourn to Barbados

Westindian Squared Borrowing from the square format of Instagram, there is nothing instant about the work of these four Westindian artists. Susan Mains and Asher Mains of Grenada and Catherine Forter Chee-a-tow, and Virgil Broodhagen of Barbados have joined forces to present art work in paintings that explore just some of the intricacies of being…