The Gift of Art

It’s that time of year when we think of gift giving to friends and loved ones. The hard economic times we are currently experiencing in Grenada may cause one to wonder if there is really enough to buy gifts for all those to whom you wish to give.  So when you make your choices, you will need to make sure that your gift has significant meaning and good value. Local Art is a gift that you can give with full confidence.  

 Art is a gift that transcends time.  You can give it as a gift now, and that person can leave it in a will to their child or grandchild.  100 years from now, after we are all long gone, someone can look at that work of art with as much wonder and enjoyment as when it was first created. 

Art is a gift that increases in value as the years go by.  The latest phone or electronic gadget in six months time will be a “has been”.  

Art has a way of keeping your money in the local economy.  When you purchase a work of art from a Grenadian artist, that money stays in Grenada.  It pays for rent, electricity, groceries, school fees, and of course, more art supplies. 

Your gift of art says that you believe in preserving Grenada’s heritage.  The creativity of our people is one of our greatest resources.  The expression of how we view this little island is unique in the world—we can proudly display it.

The purpose of art is not a souvenir for tourists.  It is an outer expression of an inner idea or feeling that an individual uses his skills to present for another to view and enjoy.  If a visitor chooses to purchase, we are happy, because they will take a little bit of the goodness of Grenada with them.  But if we value our own enough to give as a very special gift, then the importance of art has been raised to the level of a national treasure.

So shop consciously, and all the best to you and yours!  Image

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