Grenada Chocolate Fest Art Exhibit

In a word, the work that Grenada’s artist brought for the Grenada Chocolate Festival exhibit was delicious. 

Much like chocolate itself, it was complex, sweet, dark, grounded in Grenada, and totally alluring .  From Rene Froelich’s sculpture of a woman stepping out of a cocoa pod, to the figurative paintings of Michael Paryag portraying Grenada cocoa life, to Susan Mains’  diamond encrusted cocoa pod with a million dollar price tag, the imagination was peaked.

An appreciative crowd from the festival of journalists, bloggers, and visitors enjoyed chocolate treats from True Blue Resort, and local poet The Wordy Phoenix recited her recent poem, a love song to cocoa.   First Time exhibitor Akim Pierre showed his mixed media cocoa tree, and artist couple Fred and Kristianne exhibited abstract paintings they had created together.

Favourite work of the evening was new comer LaVanda Mireles. Everyone kept remarking how much they would like to buy it, and that they would come back during the week.  Sorry, it sold.

The show is up until May 30th I13239195_1162274627126174_6428204822365404690_nf you want a little sweet, a little light, a little dark, a little chocolate love–just stop by.

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