Call to Artists– Contemporary Grenada 2016

Grenada  Contemporary 2016— Art Exhibition
Open call for artist participation.

In its third edition, the Contemporary Grenada Art Exhibition aims to IMG_20160520_082621continue exposing the contemporary work being done in Grenada to local and international audiences by focusing on themes that are relevant not only to our context, but also the international contemporary art arena. Grenada is uniquely positioned in the scope of the international art community because of its size and its recent penetration of significant art platforms. With the art world focusing on themes like, the periphery, [global] South as a state of mind, and points of connection between different places and ideas, Grenada’s artists are uniquely
positioned to continue making contributions internationally. This exhibition is open to all artists, living in Grenada or abroad, however shipping and customs clearance will be the responsibility of the artist. The show will open during late September or early October— venue to be determined. This is not a commercial show, so prices will not be displayed. An online magazine will commemorate the exhibition.
Artists are encouraged to follow the curatorial theme, outlined below.
The last day work will be considered for acceptance is September 1, 2016. Artists will be notified by email on a rolling basis as to the acceptance of their proposals for the exhibition. Artists are encouraged to submit
before the last day to allow for enough time to actualize their proposals and make changes if necessary. The application should be submitted electronically to the selection committee,

Application should include:
Artist CV

Artist Statement about the work for this show

Proposal describing the work, with sketches or images
All forms of art will be considered, but special consideration will be given to photography, video and new media.
There is no fee for applying. Accepted artists will pay a small fee of $25 EC to help with expenses of the exhibition.

Curatorial Theme
We are aligning ourselves with a global conversation centred on the
concept of “the bridge” in the third edition of the Contemporary Grenada art exhibit. We will particularly consider the bridge between our small island and the international community and how we communicate our priorities, experiences and perspectives. There are many ways to consider the bridge as a pervasive concept. How does art facilitate bridges between culture, gender, identity, class, ideologies, and relationships? Using the metaphor of a physical bridge, who is building it, do we construct bridges to no where, and how can the idiom of “burning bridges” apply in a broader conceptual sense? Artists are being called to explore the concept of “the bridge” beyond the figurative, literal representation and within a framework of connection, disparity, and isolation.

The work will be reviewed by an international curator.

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