When Grenadians Come Home

IMG_0939 Susan Mains Group Dance Internet

August is the traditional month when Grenadians who live abroad come home to visit.  Considering that there are more Grenadians who live in the United States, Canada, and Europe than there are in our island, it is quite an overwhelming homecoming!  Family reunions, School reunions, Carnival, Carriacou Regatta, Emancipation Celebrations, all compel travelers to spend a little time on the Spice Island.  We are happy to welcome them, especially when they come with their curious children who have only heard about Grenada, but never really experienced it.

So if you are one of these blessed Grenadians, be sure to stop in at our gallery to see the best selection of Grenada’s art available in one cool, comfortable, convenient, friendly place at Spiceland Mall.  Take a bit of  authentic Grenada back with you.  We can take the paintings off the stretchers and roll them into a tube so you can carry it on the plane.  Then at home just take it to a framer and they will re-stretch it for you.

From portraits of Cocoa Farmers, the wooden work boat sailing, traditional dance, landscapes teeming with life, tropical flora, and even a goat or two, you will surely find something to please!

When you buy a piece of original art in Grenada, you are investing in the preservation of our heritage.  It is not just a souvenir of a wonderful visit, it is a time capsule for you and your family that can be cherished for generations to come.

See you soon!



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