Kirby Shaw “Cloud Waves and Sky Lights”


Kirby Shaw’s interpretation of the beautiful sunsets of Grenada is sure to become legendary.
Though recently settled in Grenada, Kirby has been part of Grenada for many years. He is married to Xandra Fisher, daughter of the grand dam of art, Jeanne Fisher.

Kirby says about this body of work,
” This series of paintings explores the wave-like patterns of clouds and the play of sunlight on them as they roll through the sky. We live in this thick layer of tumultuous atmosphere all the time, and yet we rarely notice it overhead. They are based on quick sketches and panorama photos of the skyscapes. The cloud patterns displayed in the Caribbean skies are often multi-layered, as different clouds exist in different layers of the atmosphere. Our view from earth compresses these layers together, juxtaposing the high and low atmosphere patterns into one complex pattern of …Cloud Waves and Sky Lights.”

Join us in this joyful celebration of light and colour! Thursday March 2nd, 5.30 pm.

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