Sea Sanctum

Opening Friday 21st June at 6.30 pm

A trio of artists will turn Art House 473 into a sanctuary portraying the sea.

Jason de Caires Taylor, sculptor and founder of the Under Water Sculpture Park in Grenada offers small sculptures. These are beautiful and resemble the coral growth on the underwater kind, however, you can actually display these in your home. Also, his posters will be available for collecting.

Asher Mains recreates the lost “Sea Lungs” series. This series has as its motivation the essential way we as humans are tied to the sea. As the coral reef dies, so do we. A couple of new people have joined the group–you will want to see them!

Susan Mains is somewhat famous for her paintings of the wooden work boats of Grenada and the Grenadines. You will see some new work boat paintings as well as new experimental work.

Red Sail — 48″ x 48″ Oil on Canvas 2019

How to get there…

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