Susan Mains Gallery takes up residence!

While still keeping our space at Spiceland Mall, we have also taken up residence at       Art House 473 in Calliste. (Just the beginning of the empire!!!)

Friends and art lovers joined us on March 2 to help us open the doors. Ok, we will admit it, you must be a bit of an adventurer to brave the narrow roads through Calliste village on to Coffee Street, and take the sharp right (where the yellow truck is permanently parked) to reveal the magical spot that Art House 473 has created. Just to let you know, there is an easier way out!

Happy to report that Grenadians are buying Grenadian art for their homes. The Sugar Apple Gallery for emerging artists made its debut, and several local collectors made the artists very happy! One piece even travelled to Barbados the next day.

Plan your visit! Open hours are 11am to 5 pm Wednesday through Friday, and by appointment other times. Also, click  the website for schedule of weekly activities.

Art House 473.



Work of Kristianne Buxo, emerging artist.



Breadfruit. Work of John Henry, emerging artist.



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