We know we have been a little quiet…

The world wide pandemic has affected Grenada in a significant way. While our government has been very efficient in protecting our health, this has meant that we haven’t had many visitors, and our economy is way down. We have kept the gallery open with limited hours, but no exhibitions. The time has not been wasted, as our artists have continued to work, and store up for when the market opens up again.

Susan has been busy organizing for shows outside of Grenada– you can see the Grenada Pavilion in Venice at the Architectural Biennale here — www.grenadavenice.org

You can view the opening press conference online here– it was all virtual because none of us from Grenada could go to Venice because of travel restrictions. However, our physical presence is in Venice, and the doors are open. We had lots of help on the ground from our team there. The pavilion will be open until November 23, 2021.

Press conference for the opening of the Grenada Pavilion at the Architectural Biennale in Venice.

On the Road to Dubai

Susan Mains Gallery has become the sponsor for the art that will show in the Grenada Pavilion at the World Trade Expo in Dubai. This is a big deal!!!! See their site here — World Trade Expo Dubai This involved choosing artists, commissioning the works, packing it all up in crates, and delivering to the container that Grenada is shipping to the pavilion. It was an early preparation, everything had to be ready by early May. Set up is in late September, and the expo opens Oct 1st. Couldn’t have done it all without my colleague Asher Mains who was involved in all parts–especially the heavy lifting. Yes we will be ready! More to come about our Grenada artists who will exhibit.

The gallery at Spiceland Mall is open, so you can drop in. If you want to come to Art House 473, you must make an appointment through that site. Art House 473

As soon as we can, we will start to once again have art events. We have missed you–can’t wait to welcome you back!

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