Bio: Fernanda Steele

Dr. Fernanda Steele was born in Milan, Italy, lived in London England for some ten years and for 38 years in Jamaica. She now resides with her husband in Grenada, of which country she has become a citizen.

Dr. Fernanda Steele holds a Ph.D. in Latin American Literature and has taught at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. However, for the past twenty years she has turned her attention to the visual arts. She held a solo exhibition of hand painted and collaged boxes and another of floorcloths in Jamaica, where her work on floorcloths was also featured on a local TV station. At the same time she became increasingly interested in digital art. Of her work in this area she held several solo exhibitions in Jamaica and in Grenada and she has participated in many group shows in both these countries and in Hawaii. Some of her work has been also exhibited and received prizes by some of the most prestigious Museums and Galleries on the WEB, including the Museum of Computer Art (MOCA), the Fractal Art Museum Enterprise (FAME) and the Truly Virtual Web Art Museum curated by Dr. Rodney Chang.

Fernanda Steele is also particularly interested in artistic photography of which she had a solo exhibition in Jamaica and which has been exhibited in group shows both in Jamaica and in Grenada.

Her work has been collected by the prestigious institution of the University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and by the large enterprise of Hubbard’s, Grenada. It has also been collected by many private collectors in Jamaica, Grenada, France, Ireland, Italy, and England.

Fernanda Steele does her own printing using archival inks and archival paper.


One thought on “Bio: Fernanda Steele

  1. the reflections of her exciting artworks, let me take a deep breath, it is like diving in to her creativ mind and soul. it is an unique experiance to watch her artpieces. lilo nido

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