Bio: Stephen Mains

Oldest son of Susan Mains, Stephen’s work represents a lifetime of experience in the Caribbean and the subsequent conceptual process of environmental extraction. His minimalist approach to the canvas creates a meditative locus similar to a Rothko painting. His ‘Newman-sharp’ horizon lines bisect his two palettes of color, each simultaneously placid yet quietly tumultuous.

Stephen’s muse struck him in absentia. Stephen married Karen Briggs in 2009 and moved with her to New Jersey. Growing up in the Caribbean, the horizon is a constant in the environment. Most everywhere you go the horizon frames and orients the island perspective. When Stephen moved to the States, the absence of this guide was striking. “There is so much clutter on the skyline that you can barely ever see the horizon.” This commentary extends – the skyline is cluttered because society occupies and clutters. Even more than the visual succinctness the horizon represents there is a correlation between the dulating simplicity of the horizon and the deliberate pace of life in Grenada.


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