Due to our many requests for portraits here at Art and Soul Gallery, we our now happy to respond with Art and Soul Portraits. The process of having your portrait done represents a personal connection between yourself and the artist. Not only is your likeness being depicted on canvas but also, the artist’s unique perception and expression of your self results in a piece of art that is an immortalizing representation of your own likeness and the artist’s expression of you.

Your portrait will join the historical ranks of the portrait tradition that dates back to ancient Egypt, robustly through the Renaissance and even today in a contemporary setting. A portrait of yourself will outlast any form of self depiction (even those photos of you on facebook) and will be something that generations to come will be able to look at and appreciation.

Don’t like the idea of your image lasting that long? Maybe you’d like to commemorate a loved one’s achievement or solidify your family pet’s important position on a wall of your house. Portraits can make wonderful gifts as you present yourself as cultured as well as thoughtful. Our prices for portraits are unprecedented as a brief Google search will show! Small portraits can start at $5,000 US from portrait studios in the States. Find our pricing guide on our Portrait Page.

Asher Mains has been painting people for years, mostly iconic figures like Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, and Nelson Mandela among others. Primarily working with people as subjects, Mains has refined his craft into a unique offering and can depict portraits in a classic, formal style as well as a contemporary, expressive one.

Once you have established your desire to have a portrait done we will arrange a photo session to create photo references used in creating your portrait. A brief conversation establishing your vision for the portrait as well as to give the artist a sense of your personality and self may be done over email if a face to face meeting is not possible. Once the 20% deposit is paid, work will begin on your portrait. You will have the opportunity to review the portrait before it is pronounced complete. Your portrait will be available for pick-up at Art and Soul Gallery and will be issued to you once the remaining 80% is paid. At the moment we do not offer framing options but we can discuss where you may be able to get it framed and what sort of frame would work best for your piece. All that is left is to invite your friends and family over to admire the newest addition to your art collection!

This self portrait is a contemporary self portrait done with oil paint and gold leaf and can be seen at Art and Soul Gallery, Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse, Grenada.

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