Asher Mains Market on Bag

circle of food

Market on Bag 24″ x 36″ 

This  compelling work of art follows in a series that Asher began following an extended stay in Ghana, West Africa.  The Market place is much like a Caribbean  Market, including the people. He found many similarities  between West Africa and the Caribbean, and ever so often, these parallels creepinto his  Caribbean work.

The original 3 part stencil he created for this scene is actually 36″ x 48″, and he has used it in several iterations on different materials including canvas, paper, and now this burlap coffee bag.  The texture of the bag adds to the dimension of the work.  The blurred effect of those people in the background creates an abstraction, while the centre of focus becomes the mother nursing her baby.  

Detail of Market on Bag








Detail of Market on Bag           




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