Larry Catanzaro Bio

IMG_2703The Paintings of Larry Catanzaro are vibrant and textural works, inspired by the power of the symbols.

In his travel’s he is forever mesmerized by the beauty that iconic symbols have in today’s culture and in the past.


Amazed in the their powers, he explores the content of their expression and incorporates them in his painting’s in various ways.

The central theme of these images are magical moments in time and space with patterns creating a kaleidoscopic of color.

 The images are strong yet whimsical and can be meaningful to the viewers if they allow themselves to make their own interpretation of the images before them.

The works are primarily done in acrylic paint and oil sticks on canvas or wood. He under paints with vivid solid color then over paints with a textural drawing. His style and fashion are very recognizable and very much his own.

Larry Catanzaro lives in New York City.

He was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, there he attended the Maryland Institute College of Art majoring in painting.

Grenada, one of the artist’s home, and residence is a place the artist describes as magical and conducive to the process of his work. Many images that one sees on the island are reflected in his works.

It is the inspiration where he draws from spiritually and visually.

He also resides in Abruzzo, Italy where he derives much inspiration from the art that’s pervasive in everything and place.

He has had many shows in the Caribbean, the USA and in Europe.


20140624_113545                 20140624_113706 20140624_113811                20140624_113845

Larry Catanzaro, Harbour

Larry Catanzaro, Harbour

Larry Catanzaro

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