Sea Lungs

IMG_0822Asher Mains talks about his recent work.

Asher Mains


As someone who has grown up in the island environment, particularly Grenada, it is apparent how crucial our connection to the sea is. Whether the sea is feeding us or attracting visitors, we are in constant dialogue with and our health and well-being is in constant relation to the sea. The Sea Fans (Gorgonians) I use in my work are coral-like organisms that grow from the reef. When they die, they detach and wash up on the beach. I use them in my work because of the visual reference they make to a human cardio-vascular system. In a real sense, the washing up of these ‘organs’ represents not only the dying of the Caribbean reefs but also a reminder that our own life-force can be found in the sea.

All of the materials used in this installation were sourced locally in Grenada. It is important to me to…

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