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Art House 473 opens in Grenada–a centre for art.


Yes it was BIG!

Group show of large scale work at Susan Mains Gallery

Review of Asher Mains Society: Cocoa

By Deborah Root The three figures standing tall in Keepers of the Earth greet us as they invite us into their world. Substantial and strong, delighted with the produce they offer, they become iconic images of cocoa production in Grenada. The large size of the canvas (96” x 88”) ennobles these cocoa workers, transforming individuals…

Sea Lungs

Originally posted on Asher Mains:
Context As someone who has grown up in the island environment, particularly Grenada, it is apparent how crucial our connection to the sea is. Whether the sea is feeding us or attracting visitors, we are in constant dialogue with and our health and well-being is in constant relation to the…