Xandra Fisher Retrospective in Textile

Xandra Shaw - Fabrications(2)Xandra Fisher will open her 10 year retrospective exhibition March 18th at the Susan Mains Gallery.  A graduate of the Chicago Institute of Art, she brings a wealth of experience to the cloth.  Inspired by colour and movement, influences of both Grenada and California can be detected in the details.  She cites the Gees Bend movement of quilters in Alabama in the United States as one of her great influences.




Detail of Centered Chaos

Education: Xandra Fisher received her BFA in 1971 from the Art Institute of Chicago.
Courses included: Watercolors, Oil Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Weaving.
Textiles Design courses: Surface Design, Printing and Hand Dyed Techniques.
Exhibits: Individual and group shows in Watercolor, Mixed Media, Fabric Art and Art Quilts.
Exhibits from 1970 to 2015 in Venezuela, Chicago, Grenada and California.
Centered Chaos - Xandra Shaw 70 in x 70 inArtist Statement: My love of fabrics started at the Art Institute of Chicago where I learned a variety of techniques to create wall hangings with hand dyed fabrics.
I lived in California in the 1980’s and 90’s when the art quilt movement was emerging. I became fascinated with the media and I rediscovered my textile design background. I began using some of the imagery from my watercolor work at the time. I then began using dying and surface design techniques with stamps and screens on fabrics that I used in my quilts. I then began experimenting with more abstract motifs that express the natural world and different cultures. My explorations continue, as I develop new images and techniques with each new piece.

Detail of Aftrican Silk Banner

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