A little sojourn to Barbados

Westindian Squared

invite bdos

Borrowing from the square format of Instagram, there is nothing instant about the work of these four Westindian artists.

Susan Mains and Asher Mains of Grenada and Catherine Forter Chee-a-tow, and Virgil Broodhagen of Barbados have joined forces to present art work in paintings that explore just some of the intricacies of being Westindian.  The late Allister Hughes of Grenada was the one who coined this one-word phrase to describe how the people of the islands of the Caribbean have many influences, yet are uniquely alike.   The works on display will explore the flora and fauna, the landscape, and the people scapes of the islands.
No strangers to the Caribbean Gallery of Art, these four have each exhibited there many times over the past 15 years.   This joint effort is a physical manifestation of the power of art to move people forward together to achieve even greater results.
The exhibition opens 5 pm, Sunday 11th February, and continues through March 7th.  Welcome all.


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