We are open in Dubai! Grenada Pavilion at Expo2020

Grenada’s Art takes Center Stage. 

Meet the Artists

The pandemic has chased many people to work from their homes in isolation.  This is a somewhat normal state of being for artists, and Grenada’s artists have taken the opportunity to shine.  Quietly without opportunity to show their work in galleries or pop up shows to locals or visitors, they perfected their vision and expression. 

With all of obstacles of the pandemic, difficult shipping, and impossible travel, Grenada’s art is taking centre stage again in one of the biggest events in the world.  Expo 2020 will open in Dubai on October 1st, 2021, and in the Grenada Pavilion among the displays for our spices, our cocoa, our natural beauty,  paintings and sculpture will tell our stories in a way that is personal and universal.   For the next six months, the pavilion will open its doors to the millions of people expected to visit the 190 plus countries and their exhibitions. 

A project that was started almost two years ago, Susan Mains Gallery has been keeping a keen eye on the efforts of the artists. We have been watching their work develop, guiding with words of encouragement, and seeking the international level required for our artists to be shown at such at event.  After months of distilling the information, eight artists have been chosen to send their work, voluntarily, as always with no guarantees of sales.  Of these, four are showing internationally for the first time.  They are emerging artists, and they are excited to represent Grenada, as they should be.  We are proud of them. 

John Henry, Kristianne Buxo, Salomie Lawrence are the painters, and Godfrey Luke, a sculptor.

More experienced artists, Asher Mains, Oliver Benoit, Ingrid Newman, and Susan Mains complete the roster.  The work hangs well together, and compliments the look and feel of that space that represents an authentic Grenada.

It is a triumph during these times.  The fortitude to keep going and resilience to adapt seems to be encoded in our DNA.  Also to be acknowledged is the dedication of the team at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with the leadership of Shanta Cox as they have continuously navigated all of the twists and turns and potholes on this road to Dubai. 

On another note, still representing Grenada internationally is the National Pavilion at the Biennale di Venezia for Architecture  in Italy.  Bryan Bullen’s presentation of the building of the Grenada House of Parliament, and his vision for a revitalization of the Carenage have been attracting visitors since the opening in May of 2021.. This will continue to be open until the end of November.  At a time when there are no trade shows for tourism, this is a beacon of light for Grenada in the heart of Europe.   

So why should we care about art at a time like this?  It tells the stories of our time and gives insight into who we are.  It communicates when words are not enough or can’t be found.  Art gives a place of solace and a hope for the future, and we all could use that right now. 

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