Wondering? Here is the scoop.

Long before now we had hoped to put up announcement of our big plans–but as you know sometimes things go a little slower than planned.  Here we go!

If you are in Grenada, you may have noticed that this past May, the gallery downsized to a smaller footprint at Spiceland Mall.  Well, it really wasn’t a downsize, it was a focus.  The reason for the focus was that we were in negotiations to buy a building to make an art centre.  What?!?

After many many ups and downs, in August we closed on the sale of the building.  It had been a church, but the congregation had outgrown it and built a bigger facility.  So this building had been sitting empty for many years.  Perfect space to build an art filled  dream!


The building

Art House 473 is in Calliste, just about at the end of Coffee Street.  Susan Mains Gallery will be housed here, and Art School Greenz will hold classes.    There will be a loft, and studio space, workshop area, and lots of space to stretch our wings and fly a little higher.

There were quite a few repairs to do, and it is taking us a bit longer than we expected.  We are in a great state of anticipation!  We will let you know when we are open, and how to make an appointment to come visit.   We welcome local art lovers, visitors, and students.


Asher Mains team leader.

Thanks to Sissons Paints for being the first of the local corporates to partner with us.  Everyone appreciates a new coat of paint!

Stay tuned, more news to come.  You can still visit us at Spiceland Mall.  We will leave the  gallery there to be a small showcase.   10 am to 5 pm daily.  We welcome you with smiles.




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